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The problem

A dynamic, fast changing service business will typically have a lot of touch points, ad-hoc tools and siloed data. These "quick fix" solutions get extended well past a true level of effectiveness. This in turn creates a loss of Operational Awareness resulting in best-guess strategies and more ineffective, reactionary management. This drives up costs and drives down internal and external satisfaction.

What I do

Institute the business strategies and tools used by businesses to provide hassle free, high quality, on time global delivery of products and services. 

Working closely with diverse internal and external stakeholders at various levels of the organization to overhaul existing operational tools and practices. Developing the protocols for implementing the right data solutions, the framework for extracting the analytics and the approach for acting on the critical business intelligence.

Drive operating costs down by introducing organization wide solutions that manage, report on and improve upon:

○ Resource allocation

○ Quality compliance

○ Issue resolution

○ Progress reporting

○ Cost and schedule variance tracking

○ Time and expense reporting

○ Material inventory management

○Vendor management

○ Workload forecasting

○ Bandwidth throttling

○ Performance reporting

○ Remote training

Proactively lead initiatives to identify emerging technologies to fulfill business needs and objectives while guaranteeing a strong, efficient and streamlined global service operation.

The result

Operational Awareness and improved management guidance leads to reduced costs and increased profitability.  Employee and customer satisfaction levels increase dramatically when the business easily produces high profit, hassle free, world class products and services.


More about me.

Experienced Operations Manager / Information System Manager that is well versed in applying technology to improve and streamline business functions. Expert in the delivery of resource management, quality control, progress reporting and issue management solutions. Over 20 years in mission critical management positions. A strong business operations background developed through key positions of responsibility at various companies. Proven ability to identify and solve key business problems with vision and an unwavering dedication to customer service.

Passionate about creating and implementing innovative solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs. Drawing upon a unique combination of skills, experience and education to improve business processes and drive operations that yield high profit, hassle free, world class products and services.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Database emphasis | WGU | Graduation expected 2014

CIW Web Associate Certified